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Stones & Minerals


The stones, also known as "Daughters of the Earth”, have always fashinated human being. Entire populations have special virtues attributed to them, meanings and magical powers. The first written records come to us from Egypt when, in ancient times, the local people used to pulverize them to get medicated compounds; in India the children were baptized with stones while the American Indians, considering them sacred, used them in religious ceremonies.

Recently and thanks to the New Age, a new science called Crystal therapy has been developed, which exploits the ability of crystals to strengthen and balance the energies.

Some people believe the crystals are Living Beings, able to filter and clean our energy, so it will be enough to wear the stone, that attracts us most, to get immediate benefits.

I could go on for hours but I would love to say one more thing: each stone and each mineral has hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of years. Each of them carries the history of the origins of the Earth, the energy of thousands of years enclosed in a small piece of matter.


Take care of them and they will do the same back to you. 

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