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Who I am

Aniceverde was born from my endless love for NATURE, from my wanderings around the world, attracted and fascinated by places and cultures of different people, haunted by the power of Mother Earth.

Nature is the true master of the world, that we humans tend to slowly scarring while being part of it. She is the one who gives us life, energy and excitement every day.

Aniceverde aims at taking a step back and return to the primeval and primitive concept used by our ancestors for primping, when a necklace that was made with a rough stone became an amulet, a lucky charm or even an object from which you could get physical and spiritual benefits.

In ancient times, our ancestors had found in stones, minerals and metals (copper in particular) therapeutical effects for body, mind, soul and spirit, associating to each stone different characteristics and healing capabilities.

My trip was born out there, from the desire for a return to origins, from harnessing something that today's society does not recognize as "precious”, from appreciating a hard stone so-called "semi-precious", just because of its colors, its natural forms and energy that carries within itself.

I choose the stones carefully, one by one, and those I use for my jewels are mounted on copper, the metal that probably humanity has been using for the longest time. The one that is proposed as the bearer of quality preparatory to health and as a stimulator of dreaming and the unconscious world of imagination.

My jewels are all handmade and unique, all of them are masterpieces, timeless and ageless, suitable for those who want to stand out in a loud, disruptive and why not, even a little wild, as I am, that, like all of you I belong to that Nature to which I will return one day.



Aniceverde mission is to inspire and nurture human spirits by creating unique copper jewels with the strength and energy of natural elements.



from earth to earth with love

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